Ice on Ice RTU vs. Ice on Ice Ultra

Ice on Ice RTU vs. Ice on Ice Ultra

Let’s talk about the difference between Ice on Ice Ready to Use Spray and Ice on Ice Ultra Conditioning and De-matting Spray.

Ice on Ice RTU is a great all-around grooming spray. When used for detangling and de-matting

spray the matted area thoroughly and break up the matt with your fingers. As you break the matt apart continue spraying the unsaturated parts of the matt until the saturation is uniform. Using an Ice Slip brush along with the spray will help quickly break the matts apart. You can use this method on dry or wet coats. For detangling follow the same routine above spraying the coat as you detangle.

Ice on Ice RTU can be added at about a 10 to 1 dilution to your final conditioning rinse allowing the de-tangling properties to truly saturate the coat.

One of the great effects of the Ice on Ice RTU is that it also repels dust, dirt, urine and environmental pollutants that can make a coat tangle, matt, or stain more quickly. Spraying between baths on areas that tangle or matt or areas that are prone to urine stains will help you maintain a healthy, stain-free coat.

Used as a general brushing spray Ice on Ice RTU add elasticity and anti-static properties to the coat. This enables the coat to be more resistant to breakage as the coat strengthens. Ice on Ice RTU is a great product the touch-up the coat between baths and even extend the time between baths on hard to manage coats.

As a finishing spray before show time use some Ice on Ice RTU, remember that a little goes a long way. Mist lightly before ring time to tame fly-aways, reduce static and add a subtle shine to ALL coat types.

If you are looking for UV protection during the sunny months once again Ice on Ice RTU has you covered. If you are looking for a versatile, dependable grooming spray that solves many problems Ice on Ice RTU should be a staple in your grooming routine.

Ice on Ice Ultra Conditioning Dematting Spray has an amazing aerosol delivery system. The aerosol delivery system allows the Ice on Ice Ultra to penetrate the hair shaft where it moisturizes and nourishes the coat from the inside out. When you seal this hydration into the hair shaft it instantly reduces frizz.

The unique ultra-fine mist allows the tangles to be saturated from all angles and permits the spray to get deep into the hair shaft. This allows tangles to slide out easily. Stubborn matts are thoroughly saturated thus making it easier to break them apart and have them brush out more easily with minimal coat loss.

When deciding which Ice on Ice spray to use I prefer to use the Ice on Ice RTU on heavier coats (double coated breeds, Poodle/scissored coat types and coarser drop coated breeds). I also like to use the RTU on more dense matts and the matting of shedding breeds. When using the RTU on shedding breeds it works great with the T-rake while the coat is saturated with RTU. The dead coat literally slides right out leaving your double coated dog matt free!

For finer coated drop-coated breeds I prefer the ultra fine mist. The fine mist allows the product to fully penetrate the finer hair shaft without over saturation. The Ice on Ice Ultra is also my preference as a grooming spray on Poodle top knots, under wrappers and on smooth coated breeds as well.

When it comes to terrier coat-types the Ice on Ice Ultra really shines as it allows the harsh, dense coat to be conditioned, while not over saturating and preserving the proper texture.

No matter that your coat type you cannot go wrong with either Ice on Ice RTU or Ice on Ice Ultra. At the end of the day both are amazing products that address a multitude of coat issues. Whether at a show, on the road or at home make sure to have at least one member of the Ice on Ice duo of sprays with you!