How to Use Color Enhancing Shampoos

White on White Shampoo

Gets the yellow out!  Unlike any other whitening shampoos, White on White can be used on all coat colors! This product is an optic intensifying treatment within a shampoo, removing all yellow stains and leaving a lustrous sheen on darker coat colors. White on White contains no bleaching agents, no caustic chemicals and no softening agents. 

Black on Black Shampoo

Gets the red out! Black on Black is an optic intensifying color revitalizing treatment within a shampoo. Formulated specifically for use on black coats. Black on Black restores the intense black color to coats stripped of their color by the bleaching effects of the sun. 

Gold on Gold Shampoo

Gold on Gold is an optic intensifying color revitalizing treatment within a shampoo that is used to enrich gold, brown and red color tones. Works beautifully on dark multicolored breeds such as German Shepherds and Belgian Sheepdogs. Intensifies gold, enhancing the depth of color in the coat and enhances all warm coat colors: red, browns, golds and tans. Can be mixed with Black on Black and Red on Red to create custom colors!

Red on Red Shampoo

Red on Red is an optic intensifying color revitalizing treatment within a shampoo that is used to enrich red and mahogany  shades. Mix with Black on Black and Gold on Gold to create the perfect shade. Not for use (without mixing) on coats lighter than the product, or coats with white mixed within.

How It Works

Our color enhancing shampoos work by depositing color pigment directly into the cuticle layer. White on White's violet pigments neutralize yellow, while Black on Black's teal pigments neutralize orange/red. Gold on Gold and Red on Red simply add pigment that is already there (gold and red) to replace what is lost over time, or by damage from the sun. 

Advantages And Benefits

  • Semi-permanent color
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Neutralizes stains
  • Adds wanted color pigments
  • Will not rub off!
  • Adds a gorgeous luster

Custom Color Recipes

For Mahogany Shades

For Deep Mahogany Shades

For Gold Mahogany Shades

Mix 1 part Black on Black, 1 part Red on Red, and 1 part Gold on Gold.

Mix 2 parts Black on Black, 1 part Red on Red, and 1 part Gold on Gold.

Mix 2 parts Black on Black, 2 parts Red on Red, and 1 part Gold on Gold

First Time Instructions

  1. START WITH A STRAND TEST: Select an inconspicuous spot on the coat (under the arm, on the leg, etc.) to test the effects of your mixture, or the pigmentation levels. Thoroughly wet the selected area.
  2. APPLY THE PRODUCT: Apply the product to the test area. For smooth and drop coated breeds, start by leaving the product on for 3 minutes. For coarse and wire coated breeds, start by leaving the product on for one minute.
  3. CHECK THE COLOR: After the allotted amount of time from Step 2 has passed, check the spot area for any color on the ends. For White on White, the ends will look gray when it has been just a little bit too long. If you can see color pigment on the ends, rinse thoroughly and take 30 seconds to a minute off your time. If you can't see any color pigment and can't tell a change in the color, leave on for another minute.
  4. CHECKING FOR THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF TIME: If you want to know the maximum amount of time you can leave the product on your breed, follow steps 1-3 and rinse only when you can see visible color pigment on the ends of the hair. Take 30 seconds off the amount of time it sat on the coat, and that is the maximum amount of time for your dog or cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I use White on White, Black on Black, etc.?

White on White, Black on Black, etc. are semi-permanent treatments, meaning the effects will slowly fade over time. Generally, we recommend only applying the color treatment products every 2-3 baths. This number largely depends on how often you bathe your dog or cat. If you bathe weekly/every other week, apply every 3 baths. If you bathe monthly or longer, apply every other bath. If you use the products too often it will cause the pigment to build-up in the cuticle and over-correct. Leaving you with a purple/pink/yellow/or blue-green dog or cat. 

Help! I used the product too long and now my dog's coat is purple/pink/blue, etc. What do I do to fix it?

If this happens before you are heading for a show, call us to get step by step instructions for correction, as we have to do this case by case (based on how much over-correction was done). If you aren't, try bathing the dog or cat in Clean Start Clarifying Shampoo for the next few baths, to speed up the color-fading process.

I have a multi-colored breed. What ratios do I need for his/her coat

For custom color mixing, please chat with an expert (bottom right corner of your screen) or contact us here.