Photography Copyright

GCHB Faithrock Can I Trust U With My Heart BN RN PT TC CHIC - AKA Swagger; Owned By: Blake Williams, Jason McCune, Stacey Sucky; Photo By: Amber Aanensen; Located on: About Us

CH Snobelle’s Joyous Little Star (Chara); Owned By: Linda and Arthur Everly (SnoBelle Samoyeds); Photo By: Arthur C. Everly; Located On: Other

Brio's Moonlight Mischief - AKA Griffin; Owned By: Kim Rutherford; Photo By: Kim Rutherford; Located On: Cosmetics

CH Starz Go Wing Solo OA OAJ - AKA Gemma; Owned by: Kathy and Jay Bourland; Photo By: Kathy Bourland; Located On: D-Flite

Jacks & Bertie; Owned By: Katie Karian; Photo By: Katie Karian; Located On: Dryers

GCH, CH Tresor's Mister Dyllynn Rocks the Castle - AKA Dyllynn; Owned By: Chris & Lisa Christensen (Tresor Papillons); Photo By: Kim Rutherford; Located On: Grooming

Miles; Owned By: Melinda McKenzie Hall; Photo By: Gary Hall; Located On: Health

CH Summer's Tanana Aureus Aestas, BN - AKA "Iorek"; Owned By: Kay Lynn Odle-Moore; Photo By: Kay Lynn Odle-Moore; Located On: Style

GCH Kaimar Playing for Keeps - AKA Rita; Owned By: Kathryn Carr; Photo By: Kathryn Carr; Located On: Home

Palmetto Ballet Slippers - AKA Bonnie; Owned By: Terri and Bill Hallman; Photo By: Nuvo Images; Located On: Tools

My Forever Valentine - AKA Valentina; Owned By: Lily LeMasters and Cindy Lewis; Photo By: Lily LeMasters; Located On: Treatments

Overo Paris Las Vegas - AKA Paris, Overo Her Royal Hotness - AKA Pippa; Owned By: Jared and Crystal Muegge; Photo By: Jared Muegge; Located On: Bathe

Million Star du Temple de Paces - AKA Winston; Owned By: Erica Fundberg; Photo By: Erica Fundberg; Located On: Home