Secrets-Dot Review – Is It Really Legit or Is It a Scam?

Secrets-Dot is the training program that you never thought you needed. It will teach you all the things you need to know to be effective in creating ads for your sales and marketing campaigns. By the end of the training program, you will know everything you need to learn.


One of the keys to a successful online business is making sure you have an efficient ad campaign that can generate leads, get traffic, and convert into actual sales.

But this can be a tedious job and can take hours out of your day just making sure you have a successful ad campaign.

What if instead of spending hours on end, you can run a successful ad campaign in a fraction of the time needed?

What if you can take away the trial and error and learn directly how to run it straight away?

This is where the Secrets-Dot training program comes in.

In this Secrets-Dot review, we’ll take a look at how we can get this training program to work for you.

Let’s review the details of this program, shall we? 

What is the Secrets-Dot Program Exactly?


Secrets-Dot is a video training course created by Emiliano.

He is an ad expert for more than five years now who has successfully run campaigns for different types of business and products.

Secrets-Dot teaches you on the basics of “How To Run Ads” on different platforms such as Instagram, Google, and Facebook.

It really is about placing the right product and service in front of hundreds of the right people that you are targeting with a working ad budget. 

Since there are millions of users on most social media platforms, this program will teach you how to leverage that to become more efficient and ultimately successful as a marketer and/or business owner.

A Quick Look at the Secrets-Dot System

Name: Secrets-Dot

Owners: Emiliano

Launch Date: August 20, 2020

Cost: $17


Niche: Social Media Marketing, Training

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Refund: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Who is the Secrets-Dot Program For?

Earning online is not for everyone but if you are someone who is in the business and is looking for a way to earn as fast as possible then Secrets-Dot may be the program for you. This works especially well for any of the following:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Publishers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • eCommerce owners
  • Newbies

Not only will you see results faster if you are a marketer, but you will also be able to stick to your plans and become more efficient with the tactics and strategy from this video course. 

Secrets-Dot Pros And Cons

In this Secrets-Dot review, we took a look at the pros and cons of signing up for this program. Let’s take a look at what I’ve found.


  • Cheaper than the mastery courses on Instagram ads with some selling as much as $997.
  • Emiliano is available for contact if you need help or assistance.
  • There is not a lot of trial and error involved as Emiliano has already gone through the best strategies and has unlocked the secrets for you.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • There is a one-time fee to sign up for this service. It’s not a free training service. 

What Are Some of the Most Common Features and Benefits?

The Secrets-Dot system comes with some important features and benefits. These include and not limited to:

  • Member’s Area.
  • 12 step-by-step video training courses.
  • Unlocked secrets for being successful on social media specifically Instagram (IG).
  • Audio version of the entire course.
  • Top ad samples available. 
  • Other Bonuses
  • Additional features with the one-time offers (OTOs)

How Does the Secrets-Dot Training Course Work?


The Secrets-Dot training course is just that, a training course and as such it works best by going through the training program entirely.

Secrets-Dot is divided into 12 video courses that will teach you everything you need to know about being effective in making ads and using them on social media, specifically on Instagram that will generate traffic and possible sales and commissions.

All you need to do is follow the guide in the training program.

Once you’re done with the training, you would have unlocked the secrets in using ads for Instagram and ensure your success in an online business.

Who is Behind the Secrets-Dot Program?

The Secrets- Dot Program is the brainchild of Emiliano, a seasoned online marketer and online business owner.

He uses his experience in his online business in building effective ads on social media and is now putting it in the training course that others can take advantage of and learn from his secrets he has unlocked over the years.

Is Secrets-Dot Legit?


Upon my review of trying this program, the Secrets-Dot program is a fully fleshed-out training program that is good for one important thing.

And that is to teach you everything you need to know about sales on social media.

It will equip you with the tools you need to become great at sales on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Secrets-Dot also comes at a very low cost of $17 during launch and it’s the complete program with training video courses.

What’s great is that there is also a 30-day money-back guarantee making this investment completely risk-free.

What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions with Secrets-Dot?

Q: How much does it cost to get this program?

A: You can sign up for Secrets-Dot for an amazingly low price of $17. There are no monthly costs for this program either making it a great investment for anyone looking to market on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Q: I am not tech-savvy or have technical skills, can I still run this program? 

A: Of course you can. It’s been designed so that it’s easy to understand and you can just follow the training program to get you started right away. 

Q: Is there a monthly subscription or a recurring fee?

A: No, there isn’t. You pay one time only for the service. You don’t have to pay extra or a recurring fee to get this program working for you.


Secrets-Dot is the training program that you never thought you needed.

It will teach you all the things you need to know to be effective in creating ads for your sales and marketing campaigns.

By the end of the training program, you will know everything you need to learn.

So I say if you want to be successful in your online business, I highly recommend you jump right in and get this program right away.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today while you can get it at the amazing price of $17.