Earlier today, I stumbled upon the website Multiple Income Funnel & saw a video of Mack Mills advertising his new system. 

Recognizing him immediately from some past work we had done together, my interest was piqued so I watched on and soon realized that this product might be able to help me out in diversifying all of our revenue streams as an organization!

Do you want to earn a good living without having to worry about money? This is what Multiple Income Funnel can do for people. 

While this program isn’t necessarily a scam, it doesn’t mean that the information provided within this article will address whether or not it’s an actual legitimate business opportunity.

What Is Multiple Income Funnel?

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Multiple Income Funnel is a guide that helps people start their own businesses from scratch by teaching them how to market themselves and manage different aspects of running a company, all in one go. 

It combines three parts: multiple income sources using affiliate links on social media platforms like Facebook; email lists for constant contact information exchange between you and your customers; plus hosting training sessions on video series so individuals can learn more about starting up new companies through digital seminars.”

The website claims that you can start making money immediately, and it even says that some people have made as much as $1,000 a day.

In an effort to generate more revenue, Mack Mills(the creator of Multiple Income Funnel) offers the chance for you to pay him $49/month and he will create a website that allows your business or brand to be successful on auto-pilot.

The Creator of Multiple Income Funnel

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Mack Mills is an online marketer who typically promotes things in the “online business opportunity” space. He’s certainly made a lot of money throughout his career, claiming 8-figures on his own website.

How Does Multiple Income Funnel Work?

I know you’ve already seen the sales page for this program, but I’ll go over it again quickly. When someone buys into Multiple Income Funnel (and there’s a ton of traffic available that will buy), your job is to drive people onto one of these landing pages and make money every time they purchase something through them. 

There are funnels in these programs, which I will explain further:

Multiple Income Funnel is a scheme where you can earn money from autopilot commissions in four different main income streams. It is said to promise an affiliate marketing working system.

Everyone will tell you the benefits of any online earning scheme but not their drawbacks. Today, I was searching for an online earning scheme and came across ‘Multiple Income Funnel’.

I will share some of the red flags you have to take note of before investing your money. Yes, you read it right. To get started with Multiple Income Funnel, you need to spend $49 on it to become a member which makes me uncomfortable to invest it.

Mack Mills says that it is an affiliate marketing system but I don’t think so because most of your commissions will be coming from the newly recruited members’ purchases. And as long as your recruits are generating sales, you will receive commissions.

There are no real products here. You’ll have to sell their products to earn commissions. It’s kind of MLM.

1.  Multiple Income Funnel

Mack Mills has created a referral system that awards you $20 for every person who signs up to be part of the funnel program. The initial cost is only $49 per month and gives users access to dozens of tools, including: automated lead capture forms, unlimited landing pages with analytics integration help in creating sales funnels and email campaigns automatically drip emails into leads’ inboxes without lifting a finger

This is Mack Mill’s Referral System sign-up form where they award their users 20 dollars once someone joins this Funnel Program free trial offer which includes various marketing tools such as Lead Capture Forms & Landing Pages along with Analytics Integration. This monthly fee costs 49 USD/month after your first 3 months are over but it also provides other features like Autom

 2.  Easy1Up 

Easy1Up is all about empowering entrepreneurs how to 1up their competition by continuing to learn and develop new strategies. So what we have done is put together six different courses that are already making an impact for people around the world. These courses offer many hours of training to keep you up to date on some of the latest trends in the market.

Here is how much the Easy1Up membership cost:

  • Elevation package – $25
  • Elevation Elite package – $100
  • Vertex package – $250
  • Vertex Elite package – $500
  • Vertex Pro Connect package – $1,000
  • Vertex Live package – $2,000

3. Textbot.ai

With Textbot.ai, you can earn $100-500 per referral by messaging prospects driving traffic to your business or other sites – no selling necessary!

4. Traffic Authority

A good way to make extra money is by referring people and receiving a referral fee. The Traffic Authority allows users (like you!) to purchase solid traffic lists, which include training information from top marketers that show people how they can drive more website visitors for their business or blog without having to pay high costs of advertising on Google Ads. Moreover, if your referrals sign up with the Traffic authority system then both of you get rewarded!

Multiple Income Funnel Pros And Cons

The Multiple Income Funnel claims to be a plug-and-play system but it does not include any training for actually driving traffic or recruiting others. You have to do all of that yourself, so the only thing done “for you” is your sales page. 

The quality of Traffic Authority’s service seems questionable because their offer prices are high without guarantees on profits made through this source.

MIF is not the only system of its kind. A few months ago, I reviewed another service called Profits Passport (no longer available) that looked exactly like MIF looks today with a similar marketing strategy too! You can read my review here to learn more about this type of sales funnel in the world of Internet marketing which you should know isn’t uncommon at all.

Digital marketers often promote different money-making programs in order to earn more commissions. In this case, I noticed that several people who used to promote Profits Passport are now promoting MIF.


The Multi-level marketing website MIF is not the best option for everyone. The only way you can earn commissions through this program, according to their site, is by recruiting others and promoting such programs. 

You will have to pay $49 first in order to be able take a look at what they offer but if you want big profits there are other ancillary income streams that cost hundreds of dollars which may not be worth your time or money unless you’re very successful with earning recruits who then buy into your side opportunity schemes.


“There is no such thing as easy money online with the push of a button. You can’t make money online overnight with little to no work done.” “Driving random traffic to a landing page is not an easy way to make money online. 

But it’s an easy way to waste your time and your money.” The reason they use these unrealistic promises are because people who are looking for quick ways earn some extra cash, but this method doesn’t give them what they want instead entices them into wasting their valuable resources on false hopes

The original passage discusses how there isn’t any shortcuts when trying find out about earning opportunities in life or otherwise that take very little effort from you nor does one have enough income without putting forth.

You are paying to be an MIF affiliate so you can recruit others. And the people they will recruit must do the same in order for them to make money too! However, there is no other benefit except this opportunity; it means that all of your efforts would not go beyond recruiting more affiliates into becoming part of MIF team. 

You may end up losing a lot since what’s involved here don’t include building any kind of online business on top of having multiple income funnel affiliations under one roof.”

To earn large commissions, you must invest a lot of money. You get paid for every MIF purchase but that only gets your $20 per month commission. To earn $1,000+ monthly commissions with Easy 1-Up Traffic Authority and Textbot AI are required to be purchased as well as traffic sources which is critical in any business venture if one wants it succeed!

Final Thoughts

I am not the one to decide if a program is a scam or not. That’s up to the FTC and other regulators, but I wouldn’t spend my money joining these programs because they have bad reputations among many bloggers and online marketers who consider them pyramid schemes.

There’re many ways to make money online but not without work. If you want to learn how affiliate marketing works and start a business online take a look at my top pick below. You can join for free.