LeadPal Review

LeadPal Review – Is It Really Worth My Time and Money?

LeadPal is a revolutionary web-based software that automates the inclusion of social media opt-in links all from the dashboard of the program. You can also sync your leads directly into an autoresponder of your choice without putting too much effort into it. 


One of the most important elements in building email lists is using opt-in forms.

However, one of the big hurdles is getting your visitors to your website.

These days many websites provide visitors the ease to sign in using their choice of a social media account such as Facebook or Google to make the signup process easy.

What if you can collect leads with the same 1-click method? Wouldn’t that be great and hassle-free? This is where LeadPal truly shines.

We’re going to take a look at how this program works and how you too can make money using LeadPal.

What is the LeadPal System Exactly?


LeadPal is a brand new, cloud-based software application that supports its users to make and design a lead generation campaign faster than preparing a hot cup of instant noodles.

The software collects verified emails with social opt-in links like Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Google, Amazon, and LinkedIn to create a powerful email list.

LeadPal allows you to use opt-in forms in whatever social media platform your audience hangs out.

This eliminates the possibility of fake and unverified emails and allows for more efficient leads for your email list. 

A Quick Look at LeadPal

Name: LeadPal

Owners: Able Chika

Launch Date: August 08, 2020

Cost: $37

Page: https://leadpal.net

Niche: Affiliate Marketing

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Refund: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Who is the LeadPal System For?

I believe the LeadPal system is perfect for marketers of all kinds, social media platform sellers, bloggers, and local businesses that are looking to update their online marketing campaigns with more viral elements that are catchy and engaging.

So whether you are a seasoned veteran in marketing or a complete newbie, this program will work for you.

LeadPal Pros And Cons

In this LeadPal review, we took a look at the pros and cons of signing up for this software. Let’s take a look at what I’ve found.


  • Simple to Use.
  • Collect more leads than traditional methods.
  • Get higher quality leads.
  • Greater engagement with your leads.
  • Increase your income generation.
  • Uses a tested and proven system.
  • 100% newbie-friendly.
  • All-inclusive system with no monthly recurring fee.
  • Cloud-based and mobile responsive.
  • Exclusive limited bonuses not found anywhere else.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • The program is not free and involves a one-time cost.

What Are Some of the Most Common Features and Benefits?

The LeadPal software comes with some important features and benefits. These include and not limited to:

  • Able to create high-converting reminders for sales pages, product pages, events, and flash sales. 
  • Grow your email lists without any coding or technical skills. 
  • Collect data from visitors with just one click that can mean more opt-ins.
  • Share your unique opt-in links quite easily on social media, websites, forums, and other online platforms.
  • Uses advanced modern technology that can detect whether someone is currently signed in.
  • Be able to get top-quality leads with 100% verified email addresses that can lead to more opens, clicks, and sales.
  • Allows you to connect with major email marketing tools such as Aweber, Constant Contact, GetResponse, Mailchimp, and Sendlane just to name a few.

How Does the LeadPal Program Work?


The amazing thing about LeadPal is that you can set it up easily in just a few minutes.

You can integrate it with an email autoresponder of your choice by selecting it from the list then, you can create your own opt-in form which you can insert as part of your campaigns.

Fast and easy and anyone that opts-in from your campaign will automatically be fed into your email autoresponder which can then send emails about your products guaranteeing higher conversions for you.

It’s that simple that even my own kid could probably set this up.

Who is Behind the LeadPal System?

Able Chika is a young and talented online marketer and is the product creator behind LeadPal.

He has successfully launched many products including StoryPal, InstaBio Builder, AliBuilder, and AliBuilder Dropship just to name a few.

All his products are unique and one-of-a-kind where you won’t see anywhere else. LeadPal is no exception.

Is LeadPal Legit?

Upon further review of LeadPal, we could see that you can truly make use of the system to grow email lists using social media opt-in links.

It supports most major social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Yahoo.

The system ensures that you eliminate the collection of unverified and fake emails and even syncs your leads into an autoresponder of your choice.

It even allows you to create reminders for sales pages, product pages, events, and flash sales. 

All of this you can do under one small cost of $37.

It even has a refund policy so you can get your money back should you decide you don’t want the program anymore within 30 days.

This makes the program risk-free as well.

Many reviews and testimonies swear by the program as well sharing that the software will take your online business to the next level.

What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions with the LeadPal System?

Q: How much does it cost to get on this service?

A: You can get the LeadPal system for $37 at launch. However, the front-end price may go up after the launch period so you should sign up right away.

Q: Do I need to pay a recurring fee?

A: You don’t have to worry about paying a recurring fee or monthly subscription to use this product. 

Q: I don’t have tech skills or experience, can I still use this program?

A: LeadPal is 100% newbie-friendly. It has been specifically designed to be easy to set up and then forget it afterward as it runs everything automated.


LeadPal is a revolutionary web-based software that automates the inclusion of social media opt-in links all from the dashboard of the program.

You can also sync your leads directly into an autoresponder of your choice without putting too much effort into it. 

It definitely will save you both time and money and so I highly recommend you sign up for this program as soon as you can.

With the low one-time cost and the 30-day money-back guarantee, the program is a steal and comes risk-free.

It is definitely a program you need to get today!



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