Funnelvio Review – Is It Worth Your Time and Money?

Everyone needs to generate traffic and build sales funnels if you seriously want to get into affiliate marketing. Funnelvio cuts out the job for you by creating wonderful-looking templates and landing pages that are guaranteed to generate traffic and hopefully higher sales conversions.


Those who are in web marketing will know that it isn’t that easy to convert the traffic you generated on your site into sales.

You will need to incorporate a system to generate and funnel traffic into your site to get a higher rate of conversion when it comes to sales and commissions.

No reliable traffic means no sales for your business.

Then there was Funnelvio. 

Funnelvio is the answer to your site traffic problems and will cut away the hard work to make it simple and easy for you to use.

Let’s review this fantastic new program and see how it can work for you too.

What is Funnelvio Exactly?


Funnelvio is a great new product from Neil Napier.

It is a new sales funnel builder that will help generate the traffic you need by letting you send email marketing campaigns, build new landing pages, receive payments, make an autoresponder, and even manage membership websites.

Often referred to as Kyvio 2.0, Funnelvio will equip you with the necessary tools that you need to generate income immediately with this one-time price. 

My initial look into the program was promising so I decided to look into it further so I can give you a more in-depth review of the program and whether it’s right for you or not.

Let’s take a look at a quick summary of what this program is. 

A Quick Look at Funnelvio 

Name: Funnelvio

Owners: Neil Napier

Launch Date: July 29, 2020

Cost: $67 one-time fee for the personal and $77 for the corporate account.


Niche: Affiliate Marketing

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Refund: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Who is the Funnelvio System for?

As I explored the program, I saw that Funnelvio is great for all kinds of users.

This includes marketers of any experience level, whether they be beginners or experienced; those that sell membership or coaching sites; those looking to expand and increase their conversion rates on their funnels; and those looking for a cheap alternative to costly apps with monthly subscriptions.

If you find yourself in any of those, then you should definitely check this program out. 

Funnelvio Pros And Cons

But what exactly are the pros and cons of signing up for this affiliate program? Here’s what I’ve found.


  • Quite easy to use and to maintain
  • Newbie-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Comes with free hosting.
  • Gorgeous-looking templates.
  • Integrates well with payment platforms.
  • Autoresponder connections are available and supported.
  • One-low price instead of a recurring monthly fee.


  • Limited features on a personal license.
  • Don’t expect updates as this is a one-time purchase.

What Are Some of the Most Common Features and Benefits?


The Funnelvio program comes with a number of features and benefits that will help you generate the sales funnels you need to increase your sales profits and commissions.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Easily make sales funnels and smart landing pages.
  • The built-in exporter lets you recreate your existing external pages for your needs. 
  • A detailed step guide will help create your first product without prior technical knowledge.
  • A built-in goal tracking to check on your progress in sales and commissions.
  • An integrated Google Cloud Pro. 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. 

As you can see, this program was created to ensure success in your online business and has everything you need to create your sales funnels.

Now let me show you how Funnelvio will do this.

How Does the Funnelvio Affiliate System Work?

Funnelvio is a fast and easy platform that anyone can use. In just three simple steps, you will be able to create a high-performing sales funnel that can generate hundreds or even thousands in commissions.

These three steps include:

  1. Creating a site by picking out a template, importing a pre-existing site, or by creating one from scratch.
  2. You then have to customize your pages based on your needs. 
  3. Then lastly, you only need to hit the live button to publish your site and start generating income from it. 

Who is Behind the Funnelvio System?

You might be wondering, who created this amazing new system.

The man behind this revolutionary system is Neil Napier.

He has created a name for himself especially in online web marketing and has been the man responsible for other previous successful programs such as the SyndRanker, AdConnect, The Store Launch, and Video Cloud Pro, and other similar programs that help in the world of online marketing. 

He brings with him years of experience in online marketing and online business.

His energetic enthusiasm and top quality work are some of the things he brings to the table because he legitimately wants people to earn from his programs.  

Is the Funnelvio System Legit or a Scam?

This is always my first instinct when it comes to online programs such as this. But what I’ve found amazing with Funnelvio is that it has all the features it says it does and indeed it will create the sales funnels you need to become more successful.

What’s more, is that the program only has a one-time fee of either $67 or $77 which is a steal at those prices. And if you really want a guarantee, then you can get your money back within 30 days. This makes the program rather risk-free as there are all guarantees in place to ensure that you are not just being sold a product that does not work. 

What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions with the Funnelvio System?

Q: How much is the program?

A: There is a one-time fee for the personal account of $67 and $77 for the corporate account. Aside from that, there are Funnelvio OTOs that cost extra but will give you more campaigns and templates at your disposal.

Q: What if I don’t have any technical skills or know-how?

A: This program is newbie-friendly and great for any marketer at any experience level even if they are completely new to the world of online marketing and sales. 


I highly recommend you try out the program and I believe you won’t live to regret it.

It’s also got a low-price and a risk-free guarantee that anyone would be a fool not to take advantage of it.

Sign up now while the low one-time offer still stands then you’ll be on your way to becoming successful in this field.