Directory Submitter – The Tool You Never Knew You Needed

So you have a new website, built up the details of what your business is and you are ready to advertise to the world that your business exists and that they can visit your site.

But your website doesn’t come up in search engines yet, what do you need to do?

One way to optimize your site for search engines is by doing directory submissions and there’s no better way to do that but through Directory Submitter.

directory submitter

What is Directory Submitter?

Directory Submitter is an automated directory and link submission tool and claims to be the only one to be fully 100% automated.

It allows users to use the program to submit their website URL to up to 300 directories automatically with just a few clicks.

It takes away the tedious work needed to do directory submission manually. Isn’t that great?

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this link submitter work.

Directory Submitter Review Summary

Name: Directory Submitter

Product Type: Directory Submission Tool

Price: $17/month or $67 one time fee

Owner: Scott Poniewaz

Recommended: Great for people who need to do link building for SEO purposes.

Summary: Scott Poniewaz’s Directory Submitter is a tool specifically designed to help make the task of link submission as easy as possible. The auto submitter uses free directories to submit links from your site which in turn will help with increasing the page rank of your site on search engines.

Directory Submitter claims that their software:

  • an easy sign-up – takes less than a minute to get started
  • is fully automated
  • has unlimited submissions
  • can submit up to 300 directories
  • generates instant reports on the progress of your link submissions

Rather than having to spend hours on doing the task manually, Directory Submitter’s link submission tool does everything in a matter of seconds allowing you to make more submissions for other sites or focus on other tasks.


While there are many link submitters out there, Directory Submitter is the only one that claims 100% full automation making it ahead of the curve compared to other sites that does link submission. And considering their price point, it really is one of the best choices if you want to work on link building.

How Does Directory Submitter Work?

Scott Poniewaz’s Directory Submitter is so easy to use even a child can do it.

The first thing you need to do is sign up for an account, which is pretty easy.

You will be presented with two options to start an account. You can either sign up for the monthly service for $17 a month or the lifetime account at $67.

The lifetime account is the best premium for its price especially if you plan to use it for several months or more.

Once you have an account, you can start using the service right away.

You just need to enter what category your website is in, a short description, name and of course the URL of your site.

Once you’ve locked it in, just submit and the tool does everything for you.

The auto submitter will then use up to 300 free directories to put up the link of your site and start link building.

This process will help in link building and increase your page rank in search engines such as Google or Bing.

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Do I Need This Service?

Most people agree that a link submitter is a valid tool used for link building and SEO purposes.

So investing in some sort of link submission tool is a step forward in the right direction to increase the page rank of your sites and drive more traffic to it.

Link submitters make the process of directory submissions seemless and allows you to focus on other ways you can drive traffic to your site.

For its price it’s also a bargain for a tool that does the work for you. I dare say it’s a service that one cannot do without if you are focused on really driving traffic and building your site up.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to get started?

A: You just need to sign up and choose a subscription fee.

Q: What subscription fees are available?

A: You can either sign up for a monthly subscription at $17 a month or a lifetime account at $67 one-time fee.

Q: What steps are needed to submit a link through the link submission tool?

A: You simply need to choose the category for your site, the name of the site, a full name and of course the URL of your site, then click submit and you’re done.

Q: Are there any drawbacks to this service?

A: The only drawback to this service is that it’s not free but considering what you’re getting, it’s a steal.


Directory Submitter is truly your one stop shop for link building. It’s one of the easiest ways to drive traffic at an affordable price.

Pricewise, it’s cheaper than most tools out there as it only costs $17 every month or if you’re willing to spend, you can get the lifetime membership for only $67. And for it’s value it’s quite a bargain.

The system is also quite easy, idiot-proof even, that even a child can use it.

The signing up process is quite simple and entering a site for submission is a one click process.

The process is also automated and will even take care of the approvals process that most site directories ask before they approve the site to be entered on the site.

The system also generates an instant report on what was done and what sites have uploaded your website in just 60 seconds.

The submissions and the report will save you lots of valuable time in building quality links which in turn will result in higher page ranks on search engines.

If you are looking to do proper SEO on your sites to drive traffic through link building, Directory Submitter is the tool that you need to drive up traffic to your site and build up your business.